Heart Screening Special

Heart Calcification Screen with Lipid Profile
Start Date: February 01, 2018 8:00am
End Date: March 01, 2018
Cuero Regional Hospital is offering a heart calcification screening at a reduced price during the month of February. This quick screening measures the amount of plaque in the heart arteries and a lipid profile (lab work) will also be completed to determine total cholesterol levels. This information is predictive of coronary heart disease, and with the help of a physician’s plan, can reduce the risk of heart attack. The cost is $165 (pre-pay at time of service; no insurance companies, Medicaid or Medicare will be billed). Screenings are available to anyone in the public who would like to participate (not recommended for those with pace makers or who have had bypass surgeries). Participants should not have any caffeine 8 hours prior to the heart screen.
Cuero Regional Hospital Outpatient Department
2550 N. Esplanade
  Cuero, Texas 77954
For appointments, call 361-275-0170

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