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Diagnostic Imaging

Our comprehensive Radiology Department is under the direction of a group of Board Certified Radiologists and experienced Radiology Technologists. The department is equipped to perform procedures from routine X-Rays to sophisticated diagnostic imaging procedures. Using the latest digital technology, studies are completed quickly insuring prompt personal attention.  With the digital CT and fluoroscopy procedure rooms, the radiology department is always available, 24 hours every day of the year.

For scheduling, call our Central Scheduling department at (361) 275-0170 to get the best appointment time that fits your needs.



An MRI (magnetic resonance image) is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure using an MR scanner to obtain detailed sectional images of the internal structure of the body. This type of imaging test uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create pictures of the body without using radiation. Cuero Regional Hospital uses a High-Field True Open MRI. This open MRI is conducive to patients with claustrophobia, as our MRI is open concept, unlike traditional cylindrical MRIs. We can accommodate patients weighing up to 550 lbs.

Nuclear Medicine

As part of Cuero Regional Hospital's commitment to technology, our Nuclear Medicine Department utilizes single head and dual head gamma cameras that offer high quality diagnostic imaging in much less time than previous procedures. This powerful, advanced technology allows your physician to diagnose and move forward with the necessary treatment.