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A Dream Becomes Reality

Born in 1910, Clifford Graham grew up on her family's ranch near Cheapside, Texas. She was taught the value of hard work as a child and carried that with her as an adult where she lived a frugal and very simple lifestyle, working as a school teacher until her retirement in 1965. Late in her life she had managed to acquire a substantial amount in savings, allowing her the opportunity to give back.

Mrs. Graham's brother Harold Terry Elder Sr., recently deceased, had encouraged her for more than twelve years to include Cuero Community Hospital in the list of charities in her will - his inspiration prompted her to do just that. In November 2008, one month prior to Mrs. Graham's death, she requested her nephew, Pat Elder of Cuero, to contact the DeWitt Medical Foundation to discuss a prospective gift that would be made upon her death. After talking with Sharon Weber, DeWitt Medical Foundation Director, a wonderful opportunity was presented to Mrs. Graham by her nephew Pat and niece Roxanne Elder- the construction of a Women's Center; a place that would provide a comforting environment for women and their doctors to discuss diagnoses and treatment options for breast cancer and other diseases in private, provide an Educational Resource area, and a place to house the new Digital Mammography System. Mrs. Graham was extremely pleased when hearing of this need and opportunity, and then decided to include DeWitt Medical Foundation in her will.

Shortly before her death, she bequested $719,389.00 to the DeWitt Medical Foundation for construction of a new Women's Center at Cuero Community Hospital, a memoriam honoring her mother, Belle Terry Elder, her aunt Dora Elder Wallace and niece Peggy Elder Miller - A gift by a woman, in honor of three women, to benefit the health of women in the community. 'Receiving Mrs. Clifford Elder White Graham's generous and heartfelt bequest for the building of a Women's Center has been very exciting and meaningful to the Foundation and Cuero Community Hospital.' said Sharon Weber, DeWitt Medical Foundation Director. 'We already had an area for mammography and bone densitometry, but both were in a very cramped and shared space. To have a center that is warm and soothing, a place where difficult news to hear is met with comfort and understanding, and an educational area where patients, family and friends can go to research and read about their diagnosis, is a dream we have had for our hospital for many years. Mrs. Graham's decision to make this dream a reality is a gift from her heart . . . one gift that will keep on giving.' Radiology Director, Brian Olsovsky states, 'The Belle Terry Elder Women's Center for Cuero Community Hospital has been designed around the most recent developments in digital mammography and bone densitometry imaging techniques. Our goal is to provide comfortable services in a warm environment thus reducing the anxiety level for your diagnostic or screening mammogram procedure. We are very excited about many of the design elements of this Center because it will reflect the warmth and hospitality that Cuero is known for.' The design by Rawley McCoy & Associates, pictured below, shows the layout of the Center, which is located near the physician clinics at the hospital.

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Cuero Regional Hospital's Emergency Department is available every day of the year 24 hours a day, to meet the emergent and urgent medical needs of our community and the surrounding area.  The Emergency Department is staffed with highly trained emergency physicians and registered nurses experienced in treating patients with emergent and urgent medical conditions and dedicated to providing expert, caring and timely treatment.

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Our childbirth suites are state-of -the art, close to home, and staffed with caring professionals, to provide family centered maternity care. What more could a new mom ask for?  How about Childbirth Classes to help prepare for the Big Day!! Free to patients delivering at Cuero Regional Hospital. (Class Schedule)

Our secure Childbirth Center offers five comfortable, home-like rooms to accommodate our patient's needs throughout labor, delivery, and hospital stay at Cuero Regional Hospital. We provide a comprehensive range of obstetrical care. Our surgical suite is available for C-Section as needed. Certified and skilled nursing staff, some that have been with our staff for over 20 years and many with at least 10 years experience are readily available to care for you and your baby before, during and after delivery.

If special post-delivery care is needed, your baby will remain in the skilled hands of our OB staff within the security of our nursery. Our nursery is located within the Childbirth Center so Mom can remain as close to Baby as possible. Cuero Regional Hospital wants to make your delivery a special experience for you and your family.

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Cuero Regional Hospital Outpatient Department offers diagnostic and surgical services in a convenient, cost-saving manner.  The unit provides the same full range of the high-tech service and care as inpatient programs. 

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Wellness is an on-going lifestyle that encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. The BFit Wellness Center focuses on the well being of the complete person, not just a place to exercise. Our friendly staff of Health Technicians and certified Personal Trainers, can help you achieve wellness at your own pace and provide you with the encouragement needed to reach your health and fitness goals. In addition, the BFit Wellness Center offers: educational programs, one-on-one personal training sessions, massage therapy, fitness classes, water aerobic classes, yoga, body composition analysis, swimming pool, dry sauna, racquetball court, indoor track, Fitness on Demand, and much more. For more information call the Wellness Center at 361-275-WELL (9355).

Women's Center

Born in 1910, Clifford Graham grew up on her family's ranch near Cheapside, Texas. She was taught the value of hard work as a child and carried that with her as an adult where she lived a frugal and very simple lifestyle, working as a school teacher until her retirement in 1965. Late in her life she had managed to acquire a substantial amount in savings, allowing her the opportunity to give back.

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Home Health care isn't simply convenient; it's good medicine. Studies show patients recover faster and live longer if they receive care at home. Home Health care eliminates or reduces the need to be hospitalized or placed in a nursing home, which results in cost- savings for patients. A typical home health visit costs less than an average day in the hospital. Cuero Home Health has been providing home care to the citizens of DeWitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Lavaca, Karnes and Victoria counties since 1984.